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Ernst Kirchsteiger

"I spend time constantly with form in various guises. And it was only a matter of time before I would develop a series of my own products. The common thing about my products is that they represent the good, simple life. They are made in honest, living material that ages with dignity. And they are made by producers who share my values and vision of quality" Read more »

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Ernst Glass Vase, 18 cm


Brand: Ernst Kirchsteiger

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  1. CITAT Mug "Room"
    CITAT Mug "Room"
    Ernst Kirchsteiger
  2. CITAT Mug "Simple"
    CITAT Mug "Simple"
    Ernst Kirchsteiger
  3. CITAT Mug "Time"
    CITAT Mug "Time"
    Ernst Kirchsteiger
  4. CITAT Mug "Shoes"
    CITAT Mug "Shoes"
    Ernst Kirchsteiger
  5. Shadow-creating candlestick, White
  6. Light tray, White
    Light tray, White
    Ernst Kirchsteiger
  7. Light stub with magnet Low, 2 Pcs, White
  8. Ernst Mulled wine glass, Set of 2
  9. Candle ring for candle sticks Oliv, White
  10. CITAT Bowl "Simple"
    CITAT Bowl "Simple"
    Ernst Kirchsteiger

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Tess Montgomery

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Oiva Toikka

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Oiva Toikka

Oiva Toikka is one of Finland's most famous glass artists. His challenging design invites you to an imaginative and exciting experience.

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