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SEA Glasbruk

The Swedish SEA Glasbruk was founded 1956 within the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland, Kosta. SEA Glasbruk have a long history in swedish traditional glasswork and have throughout the years been marked by many of Sweden's leading designers. SEA Glasbruk?s ambition is to create stylish everyday products with clear functions. The art to combine shape and function is something SEA Glasbruk without doubt have mastered. Read more »

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Pärla Vase High, Clear

40 ¤

Marca: SEA Glasbruk

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  1. Pärla Vase High, Clear
  2. Pärla Vase, Clear
    Pärla Vase, Clear
    SEA Glasbruk
  3. Candy Bowl, White
    Candy Bowl, White
    SEA Glasbruk
  4. Candy Bowl, Black
    Candy Bowl, Black
    SEA Glasbruk
  5. Aqua Caraff With Lid, Green
  6. Siluett Vase High, Turquoise
  7. Candy Bowl, Red
    Candy Bowl, Red
    SEA Glasbruk
  8. Aqua Wave Serving Bowl, Turquoise
  9. Aqua Votive, Green
    Aqua Votive, Green
    SEA Glasbruk
  10. Black & White Bowl On Foot, Black
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