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Anarchy Knives

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Christian Campogiani is an experienced third generation chef trained by his own father. After a long successful career Christian realized that none of the knives that saturated the market represented the lifestyle exemplified by chefs worldwide, and saw the opportunity to make a difference. Thus he founded Anarchy Knives and created an uncompromising line of knives that stands out and breathes lifestyle and quality. Read more »

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  1. Skull Steak Knife 6 Pcs
    Skull Steak Knife 6 Pcs
    Anarchy Knives
  2. Skull Steak Knife 2 Pcs
    Skull Steak Knife 2 Pcs
    Anarchy Knives
  3. Ace Of Spades Boning Knife 18cm
  4. Shotgun Bread Knife 23cm
    Shotgun Bread Knife 23cm
    Anarchy Knives
  5. Brass Knuckles Vegetable Knife 18cm
  6. Skull Chef's Knife 15cm
    Skull Chef's Knife 15cm
    Anarchy Knives
  7. Anarchy A Chef's Knife 21cm

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