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Anitha Schulman

Anitha Schulman is perhaps most famous for her momblog but has a solid career as an entrepreneur and project manager in the television industry. Initially Anitha created only custom-made, unique products to friends and relatives, but as demand increased Anitha decided to dedicate her time to the collection. Anitha has also kept her private costumers with influential people such as Stella McCartney. Each collection has its own story - find your favorites here! Read more »

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Indigo Plate Ø27cm

29 ¤

Marca: Anitha Schulman

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  1. Indigo Plate Ø27cm
    Indigo Plate Ø27cm
    Anitha Schulman
  2. Rose Serving Plate 33x27cm
    Rose Serving Plate 33x27cm
    Anitha Schulman
  3. Ink Blue Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
  4. Nordic Sea Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
  5. Hermes Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
  6. Purpur Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
  7. Azur Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
    Azur Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
    Anitha Schulman
  8. Chili Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
    Chili Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
    Anitha Schulman
  9. Rose Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
    Rose Breakfast Bowl Ø15cm
    Anitha Schulman
  10. Ink Blue Miniplate Ø7cm
    Ink Blue Miniplate Ø7cm
    Anitha Schulman

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