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Pols Potten

Pols Potten was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1986. Each Pols Potten product displays its Dutch roots and a tongue-in-cheek style. For over 25 years, they have been spreading joy and bringing a little extra spice to home interior design around the world. Among the range you will find elegant pineapples, magnificent birds and the fantastic coral vase. Read more »

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  1. Ball Hourglass L, silver
  2. Tree Vase, Silver
    Tree Vase, Silver
    Pols Potten
  3. Coral Vase 10-tulips, White
  4. Coral Vase 20-tulips, White
  5. Coral reef Vase, White
  6. Cockatoo, White
    Cockatoo, White
    Pols Potten
  7. Parrot, White/Gold
    Parrot, White/Gold
    Pols Potten
  8. Cockatoo, White/Silver
  9. Pineapple, White
    Pineapple, White
    Pols Potten
  10. Pineapple, Gold
    Pineapple, Gold
    Pols Potten
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