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Sophie by Sophie

The jewellery brand Sophie by Sophie was founded by Sophie Gyllenhammar 2006. With playfulness and unexpected combinations Sophie creates classical jewellery with a twist. Timeless elegance with colourful stones and bold shapes. Sophie?s characteristic jewellery with colourful contrasts and modern aesthetics have made her designs popular with royalties, international fashion icons and women in all ages over the world. Read more »

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  1. Childhood Bracelet, Gold
    Childhood Bracelet, Gold
    Sophie by Sophie
  2. Childhood Bracelet, Silver
    Childhood Bracelet, Silver
    Sophie by Sophie
  3. Briolette Bracelet, Gold
    Briolette Bracelet, Gold
    Sophie by Sophie
  4. Briolette Bracelet, Silver
    Briolette Bracelet, Silver
    Sophie by Sophie
  5. Horseshoe Bracelet, Silver
    Horseshoe Bracelet, Silver
    Sophie by Sophie
  6. Enamel Bracelet S, Gold/Black
  7. Enamel Bracelet M, Gold/Black
  8. Enamel Bracelet S, Gold/Orange
  9. Enamel Bracelet M, Gold/Orange
  10. Enamel Bracelet S, Gold/White

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