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Zone Denmark

Zone Denmark interprets evolving trends, using our strong and clear DNA to create functional design for everyone. Expressed in a soft and minimalistic design language, our designs embrace new ideas, innovative solutions and exquisite materials. We create fantastic products for the kitchen and the bathroom. Read more »

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  1. Shower Squeegee, Grey
    Shower Squeegee, Grey
    Zone Denmark
  2. Shower Squeegee, White
    Shower Squeegee, White
    Zone Denmark
  3. Shower Squeegee, Black
    Shower Squeegee, Black
    Zone Denmark
  4. Solo Pedal Bin 3 l, Grey
  5. Solo Pedal Bin 3 l, White
  6. Solo Pedal Bin 3 l, Black
  7. Dishwashing Set, Warm Grey
  8. Knife Block, Warm Grey
    Knife Block, Warm Grey
    Zone Denmark
  9. Knife Block, Grey
    Knife Block, Grey
    Zone Denmark
  10. Knife Block, Black
    Knife Block, Black
    Zone Denmark
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