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Moomin - A journey through time

At last they came to a small valley that was more beautiful than any they had seen earlier in the day. And there, in the midst of the meadow, stood a house that almost looked like a stove, very elegant and painted blue.”

Those are a few lines from the very first Moomin book, published in 1945. Much has happened since, and generations the world over have followed the Moomins on their many adventures. Follow us through a timeline of the Moomin family as featured in some of our most beloved products.

1945 – The Moomins are born

We meet the Moomins for the very first time in The Moomins and the Great Flood, where the Moominmamma and Moomintroll find their home in the Moomin valley during their search for Moominpappa. The little white characters resembled nothing else at the time, and were very popular among kids all over the world.

1946 to 1948 – New friends

The second book, Comet in Moominland is published already the following year, and continues on from the first book's success. This is the book which many consider to be the real start of the Moomin series, as it is here the Snufkin and Snork Maiden are introduced. In 1948 the short story Finn Family Moomintroll is published, introducing several other characters.

1952 – The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My

In 1952 the first Moomin picture book is published. Here Moomintroll meets The Mymble, who is looking for her younger sister, Little My. Helpful as he is, Moomintroll and The Mymble set off in their search for Little My

1954 – The Moomins become a comic strip in London

A comic strip featuring the Moomins begins featuring in London's biggest newspaper at the time, The Evening News. Through the paper, the series reaches up to 20 million readers in over 40 countries, and an international success is made. The comic was featured in the paper all the way until 1974. In 1960 Tove Janssons brother, Lars Jansson, takes over the job of drawing the comic strip for The Evening News. It is also around this time the first Moomin-themed products are launched.

1962 – Tales from Moominvalley

The next change in the Moomin format came in 1962, with Tales from Moominvalley. It's a collection of nine short stories, unlike all the other books, which were full novels. The stories grab the attention of readers, particularly The Invisible Child, which tells the story of a girl which such bad self-esteem that she's turned invisible.

1965 – Jansson's love for the ocean comes through

Tove Jansson drew a lot of inspiration from the ocean, which features prominently in the 1965 story Moominpappa at Sea. In this book – number eight in the series – we follow the Moomins as they move to a small island at sea.

1977 – Another Moomin adventure

In the picture book The Dangerous Journey we get to know some of the Moomins' friends better. The story follows Susanna, the Hemulen, Sniff, Sorry-Ooo, and Thingummy and Bob on their nightmarish journey through the Moomin valley.

2014 – The Moomins set sail on film

In 2014 the comic strip adventure Moomin on the Riviera is turned into a movie by Xavier Picard and Hanna Hemilä, where we follow the Moomins as they set sail southward.

2019 – TV-series and theme park

A new animated TV-series following the Moomins is aired in Finland, Sweden, The United Kingdom and Japan, named Moominvalley. The characters are brought to life using animation techniques which mix 2D and 3D animation, and the Moomins are voiced by high-profile actors. The series is planned to be rolled out to audineces worldwide. A new Moomin theme park – Moominvalley Park – also opened in Japan. The park gives visitors an opportunity to walk around in a nordic atmosphere and visit the Moomin family and their home.

2020 – Mumin celebrates its 75th anniversary with #OURSEA

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the very first Moomin book, 2020 marks the beginning of the #OURSEA campaign to help save the Baltic ocean from pollution. Tove Jansson drew much inspiration from the Baltic ocean neighboring her Finnish home, and the ocean features prominently in the Moomin stories, representing freedom, adventure, danger and the force of nature. The #OURSEA campaign seeks to raise funds to support the John Murninen foundation, in part through donations, and in part through a range of dedicated products where a portion of the proceeds go towards the campaign.

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