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159747Club Wall Lamp, Blackhttps://royaldesign.com/us/club-wall-lamp-blackhttps://az666937.vo.msecnd.net/67/ac52f2a1-77ed-4b68-b7a3-6419bd273411OutOfStock186USD/lighting/lighting/lamps/lighting/lamps/wall-lightsHouse DoctorOnly EU-version (220V) available. For UK, US, CA and AU orders adapter is included. White on the inside.186

Club Wall Lamp, Black

Club wall lamp, a real eye catcher! Elegant and raw wall lamp in industrial design. The sharp lines give the lamp a unique impression.
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Only EU-version (220V) available. For UK, US, CA and AU orders adapter is included. White on the inside.
As we are based in Sweden, all our lamps/electrical items are made to the European standard with 230 Volts. They are CE-marked which means that they are approved for use in Europe only. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our lamps/electrical items will function perfectly in your home, as the standard in the US and Canada is 110 Volts. The difference in voltage may affect the light of the lamp and you will not be able to use a dimmer function. The lamp can also make 'wiring noises' due to the voltage difference. It comes with an EU plug, we will attach an US adapter that makes the plug fit into your outlet. It is no transformer and does not affect the voltage. If you alter or rewire the lamp/item in any way, there will be no warranty applicable for the lamp/item and you cannot return it.


  • Item number
  • Delivery item number
  • Brand
  • Series
  • Base
  • Cable length
  • Colour
  • Material Description
  • Room
    Bedroom, Living room
  • Diameter
    180 mm
  • Height
    540 mm
  • Length
    220 mm
  • Max watt
    25 W