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Magazine holders

Are you constantly stressed out by the stacks of newspapers and magazines lying around your home? Are your utility bills and phone bills placed chaotically on desks, shelves, coffee tables and cabinets? Is there a growing pile of flyers, brochures and mail on the shoe or side cabinet? Is this the tenth time this month that you have to organize everything?

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Curva Magazine Holder, Gold
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House Doctor

Rack Magazine Holder
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Now Magazine Holder, Black
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We think it’s about time that you were introduced to a little thing called a magazine rack. This little fitting can help you to organize your home. Eliminate all that annoying clutter once and for all!

Design and functionality of magazine holders

Magazine racks, sometimes referred to as magazine holders, come in many different sizes, designs and colors. The basic magazine rack is placed on the floor or on a flat surface such as on a desk or countertop. It consists of one or more compartments. Magazines, letters and fliers can be placed inside the compartments.

A good example of this is House Doctor’s Story Lanscape Magazine Holder. This chic rattan rack has a single partially-enclosed compartment that is perfect for books and thick magazines.

Another variety of magazine racks are those that are mounted on walls. The basic structure is the same, though. They are useful in homes with limited floor space. The compartments are sometimes slanted for easy accessibility. For a clearer picture, check out Maze’s Now S Magazine Holder. The metal magazine holder, which comes in pink, brass, white and black finish, is made using powder coated metal. It can be easily affixed to walls or cabinets using two screws.

Avant-garde décor 

Magazine racks can also be used as decorative elements in your home. Many manufacturers produce racks that are not only functional, but also amazing to look at. Take for example Aytm’s Curva Magazine Holder. Made from thin bars of gold plated iron, this rack would not look out of place in a modern art museum. The free-flowing, wavy design creates three compartments that are perfect for newspapers, business magazines and letters. To ensure longer durability, the gold plated iron bars are also lacquered.

Another excellent model is Alessi’s Blow Up Magazine Holder, designed by Sao Paulo-based duo, Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana. At a glance, this rack looks like a pile of floating chrome-plated steel rods. However, a closer look will reveal a deep, asymmetrical compartment that could be used to store large objects like umbrellas or suitcases.

Intrigued yet? Then browse through our collection to discover more functional yet stylish solutions to your problems with wayward newspapers and magazines.

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