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Pastry Brushes

While pastry brushes are primarily for baking, they also have a myriad of uses. It’s a poor kitchen that doesn't have at least one to hand, and more of these kitchen essentials would be better. Our Scandinavian retailers provide a wide selection of very affordable pastry and basting brushes in contemporary and traditional designs.
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Eva Solo

Green Tools Pastry Brush
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BBQ+ Pastry Brush, 41 cm
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Rowan Kitchen Utensils, 4 Pieces
Temporarily out of stock

Different Uses For A Pastry & Basting Brush

The name 'pastry brush' might indicate that this is a kitchen aid just for baking, but this isn’t so. Pastry brushes are one of those versatile tools a kitchen can not do without. Yes, we use pastry brushes to egg wash pastry and bread, both sweet and savory. But, they also have other uses like:

Using a pastry brush to grease a baking tray or pan with oil or butter.

Using it as a basting brush for grilling meats and chicken. Check out our useful longer handle BBQ basting brushes; great for adding that extra sauce or glaze.

A pastry brush is a great way to remove any excess flour, herbs, salt, or sugar from a surface.

They are also convenient in candy-making for wiping down the sides of the pan.

It is always a good idea to have a few different styles and sizes at hand for versatility in the kitchen. You also need different brushes to use with sweet and savory foods. 

Pastry & Basting Brushes At Royal Design

Buying a natural bristle pastry brush is not your only option. You can find silicone basting brushes in all colors to match the rest of your kitchen in our collection. All the brushes need are soft bristles so they don’t damage the surface you are working on. The bristle in natural bristle pastry brushes is from pigs, which is the reason silicone basting brushes are so popular with Jewish households. Shop online at Royal Design, where we sell high-quality modern brushes you will enjoy using for many years.

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