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Furniture care

Taking care of your furniture is equally essential to choosing perfect pieces. With regular attention, they will look just as wonderful as when you bought them. Even our high-quality Scandinavian collection needs some tender loving furniture care. From regular dusting to leather cleaners for furniture, keep them in beautiful condition for many years of affordable pleasure.
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Great Furniture Care For Great Furniture

Correct furniture care can extend the life of your piece, protecting it from wear and tear, and prevent water damage. It’s worth making that extra effort to dust frequently with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth. This kind of furniture care helps to protect most design finishes you buy online from the build-up of unavoidable but unwanted surface dirt. Leather cleaners for furniture are a must, particularly if they are in the lighter colors range.

For a wide selection of materials, a damp washcloth and mild washing up liquid are all you need for furniture cleaning. Rinse with a clean, damp cloth, then dry thoroughly with a dry cloth. This method of furniture care is perfect for cleaning marble tables too. Use recommended leather cleaners for leather furniture, and avoid abrasive cleaners and ammonia. When cleaning teak or any other wooden furniture we sell, expect a little polish to come off. Regular polishing with a low alcohol product will help bring back that beautiful shine and also protect the furniture’s surface. 

Furniture Care Tips From Royal Design Retailers

* Always use drink coasters with cork bottoms to avoid water rings. 

* Protect furniture from hot serving dishes with trivets, mats, or table cloths. 

* Use leather cleaners for furniture care at least once every year. 

* Even mild sunlight can fade wood surfaces, so never leave it partly covered. 

* Keep furniture out of the direct sun, which can melt or crack many finishes.

* Furniture care means never allowing water to stand on your wooden furniture.

* Prevent pet scratches or damage with table cloths, seat covers, or pads.

* You can easily clean furniture fabric with a spray of vinegar, warm water, and soap.

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