Dalby Knob, Polished Brass

Charming little knob in polished copper, polished brass or polished untreated brass.
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Product information

Dalby knob from Beslag Design has a luxurious colour and is available in both polished brass, polished copper and untreated polished brass. 

  • Polished brass
    This is shiny brass that is polished and lacquered, and not aging or patinated with time. This because the material does not come in direct contact with air or other elements.

  • Untreated polished brass
    Polished brass - not lacquered. This design is polished blank brass that is patinated and ages over time because it is not lacquered. Untreated brass, in other words, gets a nice patina over time. Compared to the lacquered knob, you can see if you look close that the lacquered surface is oily and shines in blue.

About the brand


  • Item number
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  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Material
    Polished Brass
  • Depth
    20 mm
  • Diameter
    25 mm

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