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Interior design trends 2021

Like never before we have longed for a new year, new ways, and the hopeful sun rays of spring as we have done this year! 2021, we see the care seep through in the interior. Sombre natural tones and soft shapes. We want to create social spaces in the home that can also nurture a workplace. The past year has made us want to invest in the home and to create the oasis we have always wanted!

Sombre colored and rounded corners

We saw it already in 2020, and this year it is a clear interior design trend. Round, soft shapes in both furniture and interior details. The colour scale is sombre with pleasant, natural tones with its base in white and beige. Furniture is increasingly made from recycled materials, converted waste materials or materials extracted from nature.

The round kitchen table is back! Preferably with a light coloured stone top and softly shaped chairs. A round table will be the social centre of your home. On the walls we hang stripped-down paintings in the same neutral colour scheme. Facial Lines Art is a clear trend in the home in 2021. We let curtains and textiles to take their place in the home to create a relaxed and harmonious backdrop in our living spaces.

Soft & sombre from GUBI
Furnish with natural tones

Natural tones

Close to nature, warm colours and contrasting accent colours: that is how we summarize this year's colour trends. Beige grew strong as a trendy colour in 2020 and 2021 will continue in the same spirit. We see that wood varieties such as walnut find their place in our homes. Light pastels in yellow and purple are added as the sunrays of spring slowly extends.

Here the brass is replaced with chrome and black with white. The trend is light and down to earth. A home filled with warmth and tranquillity - all to create the breathing space we need in the otherwise shaky world we are in.

Another colour we will see a lot of in 2021 is blue. More specifically, an intense darker shade of blue that we see both in sofa fabrics and furniture. Gray is still popping up and shows no signs of disappearing from our palettes.


Natural materials will continue to increase in popularity during 2021. Converted waist and recycled materials live on in new forms - we see a lot of recycled paper, bamboo, braided jute and rattan, as well as more environmentally friendly textiles. In the fight for a more sustainable planet, we become more aware and make better use of the earth's assets. Stone competes with the endangered marble.

Dried plants in vases, on the wall and hanging freely are combined with sweeping textiles in materials such as linen and sheer cotton.

Bouclé is, again, the star. A coarser texture on sofas and armchairs is a more forgiving material, which is welcomed in everyday life. Linen and sheer cotton in curtains, in both long and roman blinds. Wood varieties such as walnut are trendy.

Back to the 70's

The big retro trend this year takes us back to the 70's! We get material inspiration in the form of long-haired shaggy rugs, soft textiles, upholstered furniture and pine (!).

Bare brick, chrome and hippie influences for those who dare - the 70's trend can be done both subtle and daring. Who would have thought that we would strive for that 70's feeling again? We love it!

Minimalistic grand

Sustainable and long-term interior design decisions - this year we see a clear consumer awareness where the choices are weighed on many different levels. This year, we make interior design choices that are timeless but at the same time trend-savvy. Now furniture and colour schemes are put in focus, rather than the details. Buying a new chair or lamp has become a long-term investment.

In a world full of stimulation, an increased need for peace and quiet is born. We have learned how to take care of our clothes and value the items at home. We want to clean rather than collect, with countless options for resale and recycling. This is reflected in a more stripped-down and minimalist interior where well thought through details are put in focus. A lounge chair or a vase is an example of this.

In 2021, we dare to create the home we have always wanted!

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